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Metavault DAO
3 min readApr 6, 2023


Metavault DAO and our MVD token, initially built on the Ethereum blockchain, are set to launch on Arbitrum, the most active Ethereum Layer 2 in terms of DeFi. This move is expected to significantly improve the Metavault ecosystem, including staking, governance, and earning distribution model upgrades.

Staking and earning distribution model changes

One of the most significant changes to the Metavault DAO ecosystem is the transfer of the staking smart contracts to Arbitrum. The staking model will be changed to one similar to Grail (MVD) and xGrail (gMVD). This change is expected to make vesting more user-friendly, accessible, and cost-effective.

Another change is the earning distribution model, which will be modified from the previous model of 20% of revenue paid out in WETH to 50% and the reinvestment threshold from 80% to 50%. The new model involves 50% of the revenue being paid out as staking rewards, while the remaining 50% is reinvested to increase the treasury.

Redeem function and DEX pair changes

The migration will also include the removal of the redeem function against the treasury that is in place since we stopped MVD trading. Instead, a pair of MVD-WETH on Camelot will be established, allowing anyone to freely trade its tokens on the market. We will install a keeper to protect the Risk-Free Value (RFV) of the token and treasury.

MVD’s opportunities on Arbitrum

By deploying on Arbitrum, Metavault DAO will access a more active and vibrant DeFi ecosystem, notably through the launch on Camelot DEX. This event is an important step to enhance MVD recognition and development on the market as Camelot is a renowned native DEX on the chain that launched some of the highest-performing projects.

The DAO will remain controlled by the community, enabling anyone to have a say in the future direction of the project and developments through voting by staking MVD into gMVD.

This development comes along with the imminent launch of 0xBets, one of our new subsidiary projects on multiple chains (including Arbitrum) that will grant an increased revenue generation for the DAO, and the upcoming migration of Metavault Trade to zkSync, our first and main subsidiary project.

The DAO remains the “holding” that will be the ultimate beneficiary of the subsidiary projects developments by profiting from its monthly earnings that will be shared as rewards to stakers and reinvested to grant exponential treasury growth.

The reinvestment model will benefit MVX token and Metavault by granting higher liquidity to its users and Swap routes, which in return will increase the overall fees generated by the protocol and create an infinite flywheel.


The launch of Metavault DAO on Arbitrum is an exciting development for our ecosystem and the broader DeFi landscape. The changes to the staking and earning distribution model, removal of the redeem function, and launch on Camelot are expected to make the Metavault ecosystem more accessible while granting the community greater control over the future direction of the DAO and getting closer to the long-term vision on Metavault.

We are looking forward to the future development of our DAO and continuously satisfying our earliest supporters!

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