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3 min readApr 23, 2022


Our whitelisted supporters can now enter the presale portal on the Metavault website to buy their MVX tokens. The list of whitelisted addresses can be found here

If you still want to sign up, you will be added to the waitlist. This will be possible until we announce the presale is closed. See our other medium articles for instructions

Instructions to buy MVX tokens for the MVD Community Whitelist


  1. Select MVD Community Presale
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. To participate, you will need to unstake/unwrap your sMVD or gMVD tokens. You will need MVD tokens during the presale!
  4. Make sure your wallet is set to the Fantom network. MVD tokens will be deposited on Fantom
  5. Enter the amount of MVD you want to spend up to the maximum individual cap of 1200 USD worth of MVD tokens. Click on “Approve spending of MVD”, submit the transaction and wait for it to be confirmed
  6. Click on “Buy MVX” submit the transaction and wait for it to be confirmed
  7. MVX tokens will be distributed on Polygon on 30. April 2022**

**to make things easier, we will send 0,25 MATIC, enough for roughly 30 transactions to each wallet on Polygon

The Metavault.Trade team will be on hand if you have any questions or issues with the presale buying process.

Presale Timeline

Completed 15. April 2022 13:00pm GMT: Whitelist opens / snapshot of $sMVD and $gMVD is taken. The individual MVX presale allocation will match the staked MVD (as $sMVD & $gMVD) held in the wallet (+rebase rewards till presale) to a maximum of 1200USD.

Completed 22. April 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): The whitelist will close once 200 slots have been taken, if not, the whitelist will remain open

23. April 2022 16 GMT (4:00 pm): Whitelisted presale opens (link to presale interface will be published), users deposit funds on Fantom.

30. April 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): Whitelisted presale closes, it will be closed earlier if the hard cap is reached. MVX tokens will be distributed on Polygon**

1. May 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): MVX will be listed on Uniswap using 500,000 of the USDC raised from the presale as initial liquidity paired with 500,000 MVX tokens.

What happens after the presale:

30. April you receive your MVX tokens on your qualified/whitelist wallet on Polygon with 0,25 MATIC

What will happen to the MVD collected by the presale?

The collected MVD will be burned and the backing will be transferred to MVLP. The burning of MVD in return for a MVX presale allocation creates a WIN-WIN for MVD and MVX. This allows for a bigger presale allocation due to the transfer of treasury assets into MVLP. This gives extra utility to MVD and lowers the supply, while the treasury investment into MVLP grants additional earnings to the MVD treasury without negatively affecting the backing per MVD.

To participate, you will need to unstake/unwrap your tokens during the presale. You can swap your MVD at market price to MVX on the presale interface, which will be activated shortly before deposits start. Once all MVD are collected for the presale, they will be burned at once. The MVD backing will be deployed as a treasury investment into MVLP.

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