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The GMX Community Whitelist is now closed!

What happens next?

  • The list of whitelisted addresses can be found here
  • Presale individual cap is 800 USD with a total hard cap of 160.000 USDC
  • The 200 GMX community slots will be able to purchase MVX at 0.80 USDC per token
  • If there are still some MVX tokens left unsold, wallets on the waitlist will move up.

GMX Community Presale details

  • GMX Presale price: 0.8 USDC
  • Listing price: 1.0 USDC
  • Whitelist slots: 200
  • Individual cap: 800 USDC
  • Community hard cap: 160.000 USDC
  • Market cap at listing: 6 million USD
  • Fully-diluted market cap at listing: 10 million USD

Presale Timeline

Completed 15. April 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): Whitelist opens / snapshot of $sbfGMX (staked esGMX & GMX) on Arbitrum & Avalanche

Completed 22. Apr 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): The whitelist will close once 200 slots have been taken, if not, the whitelist will remain open

23. April 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): Whitelisted presale opens (link to presale interface will be published) , users deposit funds on Arbitrum or Avalanche, no bridging to Polygon necessary.

30. April 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): Whitelisted presale closes, it will be closed earlier if the hard cap is reached. MVX tokens will be distributed on Polygon**

1. May 2022 13:00 GMT (1:00 pm): MVX will be listed on Uniswap using 500,000 of the USDC raised from the presale as initial liquidity paired with 500,000 MVX tokens.

**to make things easier, we will send 0,25 MATIC, enough for roughly 30 transactions to each wallet on Polygon

What happens after the presale:

30. April you receive your MVX tokens on your qualified/whitelist wallet on Polygon with 0,25 MATIC

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