Introducing Metavault DAO

Game Theory Modelling


3,3 Staking

6,6 Governance Staking+


1,1 Bonds

4,4 Bonds

  • 4,4 Bond rewards are paid in sMVD instead of MVD. This allows your bond rewards to be compounded as they are vested, removing the need to stake them after you claim them.
  • 4,4 Bonds have fixed term vesting periods with various runtimes.
  • 4,4 Bonds are scarcer than 1,1 Bonds because they are generally more profitable and as such Metavault needs to exercise control over them to avoid over dilution.
  • 4,4 Bonds tend to have a smaller discount than 1,1 Bonds. This is due to the fact that 4,4 Bond buyers also benefit from the compounding rewards offered by their sMVD rewards. This means that while initial discounts are reduced, buying a 4,4 Bond can be more beneficial over the course of the vesting period.
  • Bonding your tokens 4,4 theoretically benefits both Metavault and the user to a factor of 4 each.

Metavault Minting Model

Buyback and Burn

  • When the price of the MVD token falls to the ‘backing price’ (the value of the treasury divided by the total token supply) the buyback smart contract will kick in and rebuy MVD tokens until this threshold is regained.
  • A portion of the platform’s earnings will be used to constantly buy back and burn MVD tokens in order to reduce the circulating supply. Portions of the platform earnings used for Buyback and burn are decided by the Governance.

Enjoy Metavault!



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